Will the colours on my labels be the same as they appear on screen?

The processes used for commercial printing are different to those used to display colours on electronic screens or on desktop printers. Colours may appear brighter or duller, tones may also be different and even the type of screen (device, brand, size) may impact the appearance of colours.

What is visible on screen or on a desktop printer will only ever be an approximate match for commercial printing.

The best way to achieve the most accurate colour match each time you have items printed (labels as well as other items) is to specify the exact colours needed for your design, using a standard colour system. We use and recommend Pantone spot colours.

Typically, your graphic designer will advise you of the exact Pantone colours they intended for the design in your artwork. Each colour in your design will have a unique Pantone number to enable the colour to be matched for you. Alternatively, if you have brand or visual identity guidelines to work from, they will include the Pantone references we can use to match your specific brand or visual identity requirements.

In some circumstances, Pantone spot colours are not available or recommended, in which case CMYK process colours will provide the more accurate match.

Printed Pantone guides are available (for purchase or your designer will have a copy) to show the colours in either case.