Electronic Equipment Labels

We offer self-adhesive graphic overlays, labels, stickers, decals and seals for professional electronics and audio equipment.

Why Choose PA Labels?

  • Custom manufacture and printing
  • High quality materials, adhesives and finishes
  • World class production standards
  • Printing in Pantone or CMYK colours
  • Precision cutting to any size or shape
  • Permanent or removable adhesives
  • Offset printing, flexographic printing, digital printing or screen printing
  • Delivery on rolls, sheets or individually cut (singles)
  • For hand or machine application

Types of Use

  • Control Panel Overlays: Labelling for buttons, switches, and controls.
  • Branding: Company logos, brand names, or product lines for brand recognition and marketing.
  • Promotional: Advertising upcoming events, partnerships, or special editions.
  • Awards: Highlight any awards or recognitions the product or brand has received.
  • Accreditations/Certifications: Show compliance with industry standards (e.g., CE marking, UL certification).
  • Features and Specifications: Detailing product features, technical specs, or user instructions.
  • QR Codes: Scannable using a smartphone or QR reader to quickly access websites, product details, or contact information.
  • Serial Numbers and Barcodes: For inventory management, warranty tracking, and identification.
  • Safety: Indicate potential hazards, safety instructions, or compliance with safety standards.

General Factors to Consider

  • Aesthetics: Complimentary to product design, attractive appearance and feel, consistency with brand requirements.
  • Heat-Resistance: Essential for components that generate heat.
  • Weather-Resistance: For equipment used in varying environmental conditions.
  • UV-Resistance: To prevent fading and wear in sunlight exposure.
  • Tamper-Evident: To indicate if equipment has been opened or tampered with.
  • Durability: For short-term or long-term use.
  • Permanent or Removable Adhesive: For promotional stickers or temporary labelling.

Material Suggestions

  • Polypropylene: Synthetic with similar properties to vinyl, good for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Vinyl: Durable and water-resistant, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Clear PET: For that “no label” look.
  • Polyester: Durable, heat and chemical-resistant.
  • Polycarbonate: Often used for control panel overlays due to their durability and clear appearance.
  • Metallic: For a premium foil look, often used in branding and certification labels.
  • Aluminium indenting: For asset ID, asset management and service records.

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