Types of Products

We offer Australia’s best range of self adhesive labels manufactured and printed to order. The types of labels we offer are listed here. (Can’t see what you need? We can probably still help. Contact us.)


Labels with 3M Adhesive


Adhesive Labels
Aluminium Labels
Appliance Labels
Asset Labels
Australian Beef Stickers
Australian Chicken Stickers
Australian Honey Stickers
Australian Lamb Stickers
Australian Pork Stickers
Auto Dealership Labels
Auto Part ID Labels
Award Labels


Barcode Labels:
– Static Code Labels
– Sequential Code Labels
Beer Tap Decals
Beverage Labels
Black and White Labels
Booklet Labels
Bottle Labels
Box Labels
Brand Labels
Brushed Aluminium Labels


Calibration Labels
Catering Labels
Chemical Resistant Labels
Clear Labels
Labels with a Clear Window
CMYK Process Labels
Coffee Bag Labels
Commercial Labels
Control Panel Labels
Cosmetic Labels
Country of Origin Food Labels
Crate Labels
Custom Manufactured Labels
Custom Printed Labels


Debossing Labels
Die Cut Labels
Domed Labels
Double Sided Labels


Easy Peel Labels
Electrical Labels
Electronic Equipment Labels
Electrostatic Labels
Embossed Labels
Environmental Labels


Flexographic Printed Labels
Fluoro Labels
Foiled Labels
Food Labels
Franchise Labels
Frangible Labels
Frosted Labels
Frozen Food Labels
Full Colour Labels


GHS Labels
Gloss Labels
Glow-in-the-Dark Labels
Gold Labels
Graphic Overlays
Grown in Australia Stickers
Grease Resistant Labels


Labels for Hand Application
Hand Sanitiser Labels
Hazard Labels
Heat Resistant Labels
Heavy Duty Labels
Holographic Labels
Hospitality Supply Labels


ID Labels
Individually Cut Labels
Indoor Labels
Industrial Labels
Instruction Labels
Inventory Labels


Jar Labels


Keypad Labels
Kraft Labels:
– Kraft Paper Labels
– Kraft-Look Waterproof Labels


Laboratory Labels
Laminated Labels
Letterpress-Look Labels
Lip Balm Labels
Locksmith Labels
Logo Labels


Labels for Machine Application
Machinery Labels
Made In Australia Labels
Maintenance Labels
Matte Labels
Medal Labels
Metallic Labels
Mirror Image Labels
Mylar® Labels


Name Plates
Numbered Labels
Nutrition Panel Labels


OEM Parts Labels
Offset Printed Labels
OHS Labels
Oil Resistant Labels
Outdoor Labels


Packaging Labels
Pantone Spot Colour Labels
Paper Labels
Parking Permits:
– Single Sided Permits
– Double Sided Permits
– Standard Print Permits
– Reverse Printed Permits
Part Replacement Labels
Partial Adhesive Labels
Peel and Reveal Labels
Permanent Labels
Personal Care Labels
PET Labels
Pharmaceutical Labels
Plastic Labels
Polycarbonate Labels
Polyester Labels
Polypropylene Labels
Polyurethane (PU) Resin Labels
Pouch Labels
Pressure Sensitive Labels
Preventative Maintenance Labels
Produce Labels
Product Fascias
Product Labels
“Product of Australia” Labels
PSA Labels
PVC Labels


Quality Assurance Labels
QR Code Labels:
– Static Code Labels
– Sequential Code Labels


Raised Button Labels
Recyclable Labels
Reflective Labels
Refrigerated Food Labels
Removable Labels
Resin Domed Labels
Retail Labels
Reverse Printed Labels
Labels on Rolls


SAV Labels
Scratch Lottery Stickers
Scratch-n-Sniff Labels
Screen Printed Labels
Security Labels
Self Adhesive Labels
Self-Destructing Labels
Service Labels
Sequentially Numbered Labels:
– Barcode Labels
– Serial Numbered Labels
– QR Code Labels
Labels on Sheets
Signage Labels
Silver Labels
Skincare Labels
Solvent Resistant Labels
Spot Colour Labels
Supplement Container Labels
Synthetic Labels


Tamper Evident Labels
Tea Labels
Temporary Tattoos
Termite Management Notice Stickers
Test and Tag Labels
Transfer Labels
Transparent Labels
Tub Labels
Tube Labels
Two Sided Labels


Unlaminated Labels
UV Protected Labels


Variable Data Labels
Vinyl Cut Labels
Vinyl Labels
Vitamin Container Labels
Void Labels


Warning Labels
Warranty Labels
Waterproof Labels
Weather Resistant Labels
Windscreen Labels
Window Labels
Wine Labels
Workplace Labels
Write On Labels


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