QR Code Labels

QR codes are visual barcodes that can be read by phone apps.

They make it easier for people to connect with your business by providing a fast alternative to typing, swiping or navigating through tiny web links on a phone screen to reach a specific web page, contact details or product information.

No more mis-dialled phone numbers or typos to worry about – and scanning a QR code is as easy as taking a photo.

QR Code Label Printing Options

  • Stand alone QR code labels printed in any size, shape or colour.
  • QR codes included as a visual element on your product or service label.
  • Same QR code on all labels in your order or a unique QR code per label.

Suggested Uses

There are many ways QR code labels can be used to  help you achieve your sales, marketing, customer service and staff productivity goals. Here are just some examples.

  • Your customer scans the QR code on a product label and your contact info immediately appear on their phone screen.
  • You run retail promotions for specific target groups via direct mail and use different QR code labels to direct customers to separate offer pages on your website.
  • Provide customers with more information than there is room for on your product label. Adding a QR code to the label means your customer can scan it and immediately find out more about your product from your website – or just as easily save your details for later.
  • You offer a wide range of technical products for sale and your POS display includes a QR code label for each one. When your customer or staff member scans the label, the product specs or video instructions for that product are immediately displayed on their phone screen.
  • You add a QR code to the sales and service label you leave behind after you complete an installation or service call. Your customer scans the QR code to phone you or book themselves into your online system when the next service is due.
  • Your field staff can scan a QR code label on specific equipment when they make a service call to match up to billing, service or warranty records.