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What are PA Labels products used for?

We produce custom printed labels, decals and stickers for a wide range of commercial and industrial uses:

  • Product identity and retail labels
  • PET and plastic bottle labels
  • Glass jar and bottle labels
  • Aluminium can labels
  • Environmental and safety signage for indoor and outdoor use, made from waterproof, weatherproof and UV protected materials
  • Graphic overlays for electronic equipment, control panels and instrumentation displays
  • Self-adhesive domed badges for computers and electronic devices
  • Food packaging labels (including frozen food)
  • Labels for beauty and haircare products
  • Labels for gift or promotional packaging
  • Vitamin bottle labels
  • Bumper stickers
  • Promotional stickers
  • Barcode labels (including sequentially serial numbered labels)
  • Box labels
  • Labels for automotive accessories
  • QA testing and service stickers

We also offer a growing range of label types and specialty labels.

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