About Us

PA Labels was established in 2007. Since then we’ve been increasing the range and quality of label manufacturing and printing options available to business owners, designers, printers and other commercial print buyers across Australia.

Our products are ideal for commercial and industrial uses including branding, product identification, logistics, security, events, promotions, packaging, signage and more. We’re proud to see them used by leading and emerging brands within Australia and internationally.

Why Choose PA Labels?

  1. Quality. You’re looking for a quality result. We really understand how important it is to you – it’s vitally important to us too. We include quality assurance checks at every stage of the production process on every job, to ensure your labels are as beautiful, functional and durable as you envision them to be.
  2. Range. Our product range continues to evolve around our customers’ needs and beyond the more commonly available options in the marketplace. We also keep an eye on trends and opportunities for innovation, for example, through more sustainable materials and processes.
  3. Price. We deliver competitive pricing on volume and treat your budget as if it’s our own – we actively look for ways to provide better value options for our customers without sacrificing quality or delivery time.
  4. Advice. Sometimes customers approach us with artwork and specifications ready, while at other times they have a problem to solve. It may be a creative problem (e.g. a label to suit an unusual surface curve) or a technical one (e.g. extreme conditions, intricate artwork, precise colour matching, looking to match a product you’ve purchased before). Maybe you’re not 100% certain of exactly what you need, or even if it’s do-able. In each situation we’ll work with you to understand your requirements and liaise with our industry network to deliver the best possible solution.
  5. Personal service. We’re passionate about helping our customers achieve the results they want, and we know our most successful customers are likely to be our busiest. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to get what you need from us – advice, quote, order or just a friendly chat about what’s new – and to offer you a level of personal, professional service you’ll find hard to beat.

How can we help you achieve your goals right now?

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