Some labels are described as “UV protected”. What does it mean? Do I need that?

UV protected labels, decals and stickers resist fading when exposed to UV rays. This is an important consideration if your product is going to be exposed to sunlight when used or stored.

The UV protection comes from the inks and printing processes we use, and from finishes applied during production (lamination, epoxy resin etc.,).

Also, keep in mind that the graphic design you choose will also have an impact on how much fade resistance is possible. As a general rule, you can expect reds, oranges and yellows to fade faster than other colours. If resistance to fading is an important consideration for your product, let your designer know beforehand so they can design for it – before you fall in love with the design!

If you will be applying labels to products or surfaces that will be in sunlight, let us know so we can produce the best possible result for you.