Void Labels – Tamper Evident

Our high quality void labels make it easy to detect if your product or packaging has been opened or tampered with. If someone tampers with the label, the adhesive leaves behind an imprint in a repeated pattern (usually the word “VOID”). The imprint is only revealed if and when the label is tampered with.

Void Labels – Deciding What To Order

Unprinted Void Labels

Our unprinted void labels are among our most popular products. They are ideal for electronics or retail packaging, particularly for products with a high commercial value or where warranty or safety information is required.

Unprinted void labels are recommended if you need a simple and effective way to protect your product without detracting from your packaging design. We typically hold a range of our most ordered clear void seals in stock, ready to despatch.

Void Labels Manufactured to Order

Alternatively, having your void labels manufactured to order offers a great opportunity to reinforce your brand or message through the shape, size and message on the label.

When manufactured to order, your void labels can be precision-cut to virtually any size or shape. You can have your own specific warranty or safety message text, logo or other graphics printed on them in your choice of one or more Pantone or CMYK process colours. You can also include product numbers, model numbers, serial numbers, bar codes or QR codes.

In addition to electronics or retail packaging, void labels with unique numbers or codes are an ideal choice for asset management and tracking.

Key Product Features and Options

All PA Labels products are manufactured using high quality commercial and industrial grade materials, adhesives and finishes.

  • Any size
  • Any shape
Material (Substrate)
  • Clear Polyester (transparent)
    VOID pattern imprint available
  • Silver Polyester
    Choose from VOID or honeycomb pattern imprint
  • White Polyester
    Choose from VOID or honeycomb pattern imprint
  • Gloss or matte lamination
  • Text (alphanumeric)
  • Logos or other graphics
  • Static or sequential numbers
  • Static or sequential bar codes
  • Static or sequential QR codes
  • 1 or more Pantone colours
  • CMYK process colours
  • Customer-supplied artwork (high resolution PDF)
  • Permanent acrylic
How Supplied
  • On rolls
  • On sheets (strips)
  • Individually cut

Clear Void Seals

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