Aluminium Labels

Our self adhesive, write-on aluminium labels are manufactured and printed to order.

They have a malleable soft surface which is permanently indented if the label surface is marked. For example, if they are written on with a ballpoint pen, the indentation remains even if the ink fades or is wiped away.

These aluminium labels have a wide range of industrial uses in the field, workshop, factory, warehouse or distribution centre. Depending on your requirements, they can be manufactured for indoor or outdoor use, even for use in harsh environments.

Typically these aluminium labels are used for equipment calibration or asset management and maintenance. This makes them an ideal choice for recording:

  • serial numbers
  • model or ID numbers
  • production dates
  • batch numbers
  • install dates
  • service logs
  • inspection logs
  • maintenance logs.


  • Self-debossing, write-on aluminium labels – 0.075mm or about 75 micron thickness
  • Permanent self adhesive base
  • Custom printing in black or your choice of Pantone colours or CMYK colours
  • Indoor or outdoor use – for outdoor use, we recommend darker Pantone colours
  • Your choice of size and shape
  • Your choice of square or rounded corners
  • Printing with sequential codes or numbering, barcodes or QR codes if required
  • Supplied on rolls, sheets or individually cut
  • Gloss permanent indenting finish (no lamination)